Another Internal Promotion at Inntel

Continuing to evidence their commitment to their People Strategy, Inntel has once again promoted from within, developing, upskilling, training and rewarding another valued employee.  

Their latest promotion further strengthens their Client Relationship Team, making David Luney their newly appointment Head of Client Relationships. David has been with Inntel for the past 7 years, working in his most recent role as Client Relationship Manager. This exciting promotion will enable David to lead the Client Relationship Team to deliver continued exceptional service, harnessing the experience he has already gained in his previous role. 

As one of the leading independent travel, meetings and accommodation experts in the UK, with an impressive client portfolio, Inntel’s commitment to customer service sits at the foundation of all they do. David’s own passion for customer care and relationship development has been recognised by the Senior Leadership Team, leading to this impressive career progression following a thorough recruitment process.

Even though their sector was impacted more than most by the recent pandemic, Inntel’s commitment to serving their clients hasn’t skipped a beat. Their resilience, creativity and dedication to customer care has ensured their ever-growing client base has been managed with the diligence it deserves.

Douglas O’Neill, Inntel’s CEO said: “I’d like to personally congratulate David on his recent promotion to Head of Client Relationships. This is a role that I know is perfectly suited to his skills and experience. David has been a valued member of our team for over 7 years, and he will now become a valued member of Inntel’s Management Team too.”

David Luney said: “I am incredibly pleased to have received this promotion to Head of Client Relationships. I am honoured to lead a fantastic team and deliver the best possible experience to our clients. I look forward to working alongside the rest of our Management Team and playing a key part in Inntel’s exciting future.”

David’s new role will not only encompass the relationships between Inntel and their complex client base, but the development of his team to ensure they are in the best position to deliver what’s required today and tomorrow. David will be focussed on the management of existing clients whilst working closely with Inntel’s Head of New Business, Kilianne Clegg, to identify new business opportunities.

With a client portfolio that boasts many big names from a diverse range of sectors, Inntel is leading the way when it comes to corporate accommodation, travel, meetings and events services. As one of the largest independent service providers in their sector, their reputation for customer care is second to none and in his new role, David will continue to fly this flag.