CHS Leeds to Tackle ‘Worklife’ in 2023

CHS Leeds to Tackle ‘Worklife’ in 2023

11th January 2023, Leeds, UK: CHS Leeds has announced the theme for its 2023 event; ‘Worklife’. The direction follows incredible feedback from CHS Birmingham, which addressed personal and professional growth, and will evolve into what modern worklife looks like, in the office, through work and into event programmes.

The organisers behind the show are calling it the next evolution of ‘The Growth Show’ which was the wider branding for CHS Birmingham. Worklife represents more than just work life balance, but how employee’s working life is evolving, how this affects happiness and progression, and eventually dictates the kind of events being created for brands and businesses.

As ever, the theming will be integrated into the show’s educational programme and heavily branded throughout its pre-event marketing. The team’s strategy is also to have conversations with both delegates and exhibitors on how the future of the office, of work, and of events can all be linked together.

These conversations will also be captured through a podcast series which is being produced live on site at CHS Leeds. The content will knit together wider business and societal themes such as The Great Fragmentation, The Great Resignation, and the Silver Tsunami, to seek to understand how events can be used to support a more fragmented work force.

“One of the trends we’re really excited by is the move from events as a place to escape the workplace, to a place to recreate it,” commented Emma Cartmell, Founder & CEO CHS Birmingham. “In and amongst that though, we’re really zooming in on supporting individual event professionals to find their feet, progress their careers, and balance their worklife in an increasingly changing environment for events.”

The 12th CHS Leeds will take place on the 25th April 2023 at the Royal Armouries, Leeds.