The ethical code.

The ethical code.

Championing Ethical Practices Across the Industry

Our focus on DE&I

Ethics is one of beam’s four pillars and is a cornerstone which supports the association’s strategy and activity.

The events, accommodation and meetings industry strives to be an inclusive sector, built on respectful relationships which are ethical and sustainable and truly multicultural.

Our membership represents a wide range of businesses which are united in their approach to inclusion and this forms a significant aspect of the association’s Terms of Ethics, which all members agree to uphold.

beam's Ethical Charter

  • The association’s board of directors will govern, lead and support the approach, development and implementation of the Terms of Ethics, and the work of beam ESG action group
  • We commit to ensuring that our activities reflect the ethical values of honesty, trust, fairness and transparency. The association will not tolerate corruption, bribery and unfair anti-competitive activity, and insists on integrity in all aspects of its business,  and from all those it does business with.
  • beam and its board shall act in an ethical, honest and professional way in all business dealings and may not offer, give or receive any gift or payment which is, or may be construed as, a bribe. Any demand for or offer of a bribe or inducement to act in any way contrary to these principles will be rejected immediately.
  • The association requests that each of its members similarly act in an ethical, honest and professional way in all of their business dealings and will not offer, give or receive any gift or payment which is, or may be construed as a bribe, adhering to the UK Bribery Act 2010.
  • Members will ensure diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities in the workplace, and their supply chain, adhering to the Equality Act 2010.
  • The association will not condone the giving or receiving of gifts, hospitality or favours that could be interpreted as an attempt at bribery.
  • Members shall always act with financial integrity. Members must not enter into business dealings and contracts with other members while under the knowledge of substantial financial risk and stability to their own business and thus knowingly causing risk to the members they are dealing with.
  • It is recommended that a mental health champion be appointed in all member organisations and that members are aware of the association endorsed Eventwell Manifesto to ensure employees have access to appropriate resources and support, to raise awareness and sustain positive wellbeing within the workplace.
Code of ethics

Our focus on DE&I

An important aspect of the association’s Terms of Ethics is our focus on DEI.

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Diversity is the presence of differences within a given setting. Equity is the process of ensuring that processes and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual. Inclusion is the practice of ensuring that people feel a sense of belonging in the workplace.

beam uses ‘Equity’ within its ethical policy as equity refers to fair and just practices and policies that ensure all can thrive according to their individual needs and requirements. Equity differs from equality in that equality implies treating everyone as if their experiences are exactly the same.

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