Inntel’s New Instant Book Capability


Inntel hits Instant Book milestone

Responding to market demands and leading the way in their sector once again, Inntel is about to launch their Instant Book function for simple meetings to their clients.

A complex project to integrate, comprising live venue availability, rates and instant book functionality, Inntel’s team have completed their own instant, online venue booking system, utilising their LOGiC Meetings platform. Thanks to careful research and planning, followed by intensive testing, Inntel will be one of the first to offer Instant Book for simple meetings.

Anna Snoep, Director of Operations at Inntel said: ‘Instant Book for simple meetings has been a hot topic for many years and something we know many of our clients will benefit from. It will allow our clients to book simple meetings, during out of office hours, whilst providing multiple benefits to our busy bookers. It is now essential that venues enable rich content for our clients and our teams to access and book. I look forward to offering this unique functionality to our clients.’

LOGiC Meetings has featured online enquiry capability with venue selection since its launch nearly 10 years ago, which is now enhanced by allowing Inntel’s clients to view live availability and rates. During the enquiry journey, the booker has a choice to self-book instantly or to submit an enquiry with the expert Inntel team.

Instant Book capability is perfect for ‘simple’ meetings, generally qualified as one day meetings for 20 delegates or less with standard catering and AV requirements.

Anna continues: ‘In 2022 so far, 42% of our booked meetings fell within these criteria. By adopting Instant Book, there will be huge time and efficiency savings for clients, agents and venues alike’.

Currently, the Inntel team are using Instant Book to fulfil online enquiries for simple meetings and a live pilot with a key simple meetings client is due to start in January, before launching to Inntel’s full client base early in 2023.

Douglas O’Neill, CEO of Inntel, said: ‘This project has been 5 years in the making and to see the results of our vision in practice is just amazing. Instant simple meetings bookings will be such a game-changer for our industry in the next few years and it is fantastic that Inntel is leading the way in developing this functionality.’