M&E Review invite: October & YTD ’23

Our monthly analysis is 24 hours earlier this month (check the date below↓), but there is no compromise on our guests for the last M&E Analysis of the year.  

It’s time to take a more holistic look at our industry. 

Alongside the latest numbers and trends, we will explore the rise of the M&E sector and discuss how we can all become involved in and benefit from industry activities to further the growth of this once-fringe but now mainstream sector.   

I’ll be joined by Martin Fullard from The Business of Events who many of you know well. Martin will be joining us Live from IBTM Barcelona.   

Also joining us is Thomas Finn, who is leading a revolution in M&E revenue management. Thomas will share his insights into the role of the M&E revenue manager, why their popularity is growing, and what he’s doing to help the industry develop standards, strategies and structures.  

This promises to be a fascinating session where you will have a ringside seat for a lively discussion.  

As you can see, we have little diversity on our panel this month, so we’re hoping that YOU, the audience, will bring the diversity: Diversity of individual, thought, ideas and experiences. Nothing is off the table as we discuss how our sector can have a greater share of voice in an increasingly important industry. So please do get involved during the session.  
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  Review of October & YTD ’23
Data trends & analysis + The rise of M&E
Martin Fullard | Thomas Finn  

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