National Moment Of Reflection

A National Moment of Reflection will take place at 8pm on Sunday 18 September to mourn the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and reflect on her life and legacy.

The public are invited to take part in a minute’s silence to mark this Moment of Reflection.

We have created a visual toolkit for partners, businesses, trade organisations, ALBs and the public sector to raise awareness of the Moment of Reflection. If you feel it is appropriate, please share the assets on your social channels, newsletter and with your network of contacts between now and Sunday morning.

Please find a link to the tool kit below:

Further information you could share alongside the assets include:

  • The National Moment of Reflection, marked by a one minute silence on the night before the State Funeral, offers the opportunity to mourn the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and reflect on her life and legacy.
  • The silence can be marked privately at home, with friends and family, out on doorsteps or the street with neighbours, or at locally arranged community events and vigils.
  • People overseas are also encouraged to observe the one-minute silence at 8pm local time.
  • Find out where events are being held across the country here

Q&A – for guidance only, not for publication or broadcast

Is it mandatory to share these assets or take part?

No, it’s entirely voluntary but we encourage you to share details with your own networks if you feel it’s appropriate. Everyone is invited to take part in the Moment of Appropriate where they wish to.

Is it a one-minute silence or a two-minute silence?

The National Moment of Reflection is a one-minute moment of silence at 8pm on Sunday 18 September, the evening before the State Funeral. It is a way for individuals, community organisations or neighbourhoods to reflect on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – especially for those who may not have been able to attend official events around the United Kingdom and wish to pay their respects.

A separate, two-minute silence will make up part of the State Funeral proceedings on Monday 19 September.

Please feel free to use the suggested copy with an image of the queen as an alternative.

Social Headers following the National Moment of Reflection stakeholder to change social headers to all black EIIR, to remain in place throughout the day of the State funeral