News & Updates from Venue Performance

March ’22 is the start of the comeback. In earnest.
The signals are so strong that they can only mean one thing. That everyone is fed up of waiting and so have really, and I mean really started to ramp things up.

January and February saw a nervous start to the year but March – wow. March was a storming month.
I know that some of you have already experienced strong signs of a comeback, and some not so strong. So, as always, I’m talking about the averages and the industry.

I’m not going to bore you all with the details here either. Instead, you’ll need to come along to our quarterly M&E Update in May at the RCP in London, where we have a long list of things to share with you and industry speakers who will provide a perspective from every angle.

And to top it off, Venue Performance will be launching something very significant for our industry. Something that we believe will change the way our industry measures success.

You can register HERE or use the article below. First, however, please do take a look at the programme. I think you’ll like it.

Over 100 of you have already registered, and we have space for 140, so make sure you register NOW. Then, you’ll be in good company. See you on the 16th May