The Eastside Rooms Launches Venue Inclusivity Guide


20th February 2023, UK: The Eastside Rooms has continued in its commitments to supporting inclusion within events, with the launch today of a guide for organisers catering for delegations with accessibility needs, from physical to sensory, at the venue.

The booklet is intended to break down some of the barriers that marginalised delegates feel when deciding to attend events, especially if they have motor issues or impairments in sight or hearing. The booklet outlines how the venue is working to knock these barriers down, from ease of access to the event, to the use of technology in creating easier engagement of event content for those hard of hearing or with limited sight.

“We talk a lot at The Eastside Rooms about what the ‘welcome’ really means above our door and how welcoming our venue really is to every delegate,” comments Leanne Bladen, Sales & Marketing Director, The Eastside Rooms. “We really want to show guests that the venue has thought about their specific needs, be it Changing Room facilities, wider corridors and doors, and ramp access. And that all of these are built into the fabric of the experience, not just bolted on in the off chance that a delegate has a specific need.”

The Eastside Rooms has gained critical acclaim for the inclusivity of its build, but also the ethical nature of the business since it was launched. The venue has pushed forward on a number of initiatives that make it a more welcoming environment for guests, beyond what is built into the facilities it offers.

“We have learnt a lot through the work we have been doing around DE&I and one of the phrases often used is ‘there is a difference between being invited to the party, and being asked to dance’. This is the same when it comes to accessibility and it’s something we want to share through this booklet, across our customers and clients, our colleagues, and other event and venue businesses in the industry,” concluded Leanne.

The booklet can be downloaded here.