The Leading Ladies behind Unique Venues Birmingham


Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB) launched in 2017 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Birmingham Repertory Theatre Ltd and Birmingham City Council.  Over the past 5 years, the business has won over 10 awards recognising its business success and commitment to deliver exceptional customer experience.  More recently, UVB has been awarded the contract to deliver interim sales and marketing services to Alexander Stadium, expanding its venue portfolio.

Behind the scenes of every successful and expanding business, there is a team of passionate and motivated hospitality professionals, and UVB have just announced the new Senior Team to take UVB to new heights.

Suzanna Reid Barreiro da Silva, who has been at the helm of UVB since its conception, has stepped up to take the director’s chair, having been promoted to Commercial Director of The Rep welcomed her new appointment and responsibilities saying: “UVB is in my DNA, and now taking on the responsibility of The Rep’s other entities, I am confident I will take the business to new heights and support The Rep in its aims for the community.”

From her promotion, it was a natural step into the leading role at UVB for Sarah Millington, to Business Development Director, who has worked as part of the team since 2017  as Sales Manager.  On her new appointment, Sarah commented: “Having worked at UVB with Suzanna, we have developed a great relationship to promote UVB and deliver great results.  The opportunity to now take a step up, and lead the sales team, alongside working with Suzanna to introduce new venues into the UVB portfolio is something I am really looking forward to and continuing to grow our business and the UVB brand.”

Joanne Jenkinson is the newcomer on the block, joining the team as Hospitality Director.  With a wealth of experience of event delivery, food and beverage, Joanne will work alongside Sarah and Suzanna to complete the new senior team.  On her appointment to UVB, Joanne said: “I have worked in the hospitality industry throughout my career and it is exciting to join UVB as the portfolio grows and to support Suzanna overseeing The Rep Café and Bar since its refurbishment earlier this year.  We have great expectations for our teams to continue to deliver the unique customer experience for which the venue is renowned.”

On the appointments of her two senior team members, Suzanna commented:  “This is exciting times for our business, and I am confident with Sarah and Joanne leading our teams in sales and event delivery, we will showcase UVB and The Rep as leading venues within Birmingham.  I am fortunate to have passionate, motivated team members who are our greatest asset for taking the business forward.”