The six C’s to the customer-centric approach that’s fuelling Blackpool’s booming meetings


Blackpool’s revival over recent years into a prime destination for meetings and events is the result of a combined approach that holds the customer journey at its core. Thanks to improved infrastructure and transport, a revamped hospitality offering, a proactive town council, and a unified approach to meetings and events under the umbrella group MeetBlackpool, the town has now cultivated a thriving business events environment that ensures a seamless and unforgettable experience for event organisers and delegates.

It’s this collaborative approach that makes Blackpool such a special place for Jamie-Leigh Matheson, Venue Sales Manager at Blackpool Football Club. In this blog, Jamie-Leigh shares her thoughts on how this integrated approach with the community, council, and other venues has helped shape the Club’s future on the business events scene, and how the customer journey has been improved to ensure a top-notch experience for organisers and delegates – as well as offering great value for money.

  1. Community

Blackpool Football Club’s resurgence into the meetings and events scene not only underscores the town’s commitment to excellence, but is testament to how involving the community, working with the council, and utilising the network of connections across the region can help channel success. Jamie-Leigh said: “Last year was our first year of offering official meeting and events packages. Whilst it has been a challenge to reintroduce meetings and events at Blackpool FC back into the community, especially as other venues across the destination are very much established, we’re determined to bring people back, rebuild relationships, and create new ones through investing into the community with upcoming projects. The fact that within our first year, the meetings and events sector had a 156% revenue increase shows there is an appetite for events, and that our non-match day offering across our 19 spaces is hitting the right spots with corporates.”

  1. Collaboration

Blackpool council’s new project MeetBlackpool has also significantly enhanced the customer journey, according to Jamie-Leigh. She said: “As a business events destination, it’s about breaking the pattern of putting the same offering in front of the same audience, and really showcasing the uniqueness of what we do here in Blackpool. Clear communication is priority and with the introduction of MeetBlackpool, the access point at the beginning of the journey is a lot clearer and more efficient, meaning potential bookers are signposted in the right direction and that all needs are met from the offset.”

  1. Communication

Blackpool has invested significantly in improving its infrastructure, making it easily accessible by road, rail, and air. This emphasis on accessibility ensures that event attendees can reach the town without hassle, setting the stage for a smooth and positive customer journey right from the start. For Jamie-Leigh, clear communication and effective signage make navigating the town and accessing event venues a breeze. Blackpool has invested in these aspects, ensuring that attendees feel confident and well-informed throughout their journey. Jamie-Leigh believes: “Blackpool is a relatively small area to navigate, but feedback across the board was that our signage wasn’t clear. The council addressed these concerns and for me, I think the links and the ease of access to Blackpool is what sells it – once people have experienced it for themselves and understand how easy it is to navigate, they want to come back for more.”

  1. Currency

With excellent value for money offerings throughout Blackpool, event organisers can achieve their goals within their budget, making Blackpool a cost-effective choice for a wide range of high-quality events. This aspect of value directly contributes to a positive customer journey. Jamie-Leigh said: “We’re seeing a lot of enquiries from agents who are bringing multiple teams together – and we understand that organisations want to get as much as they can for their money. At Blackpool FC, we solve this by showcasing how we can segment for different groups within one booking, ensuring the best use of time, space and money.”

  1. Cultivation

The diverse venue offering within Blackpool means event organisers have more choice than ever before when it comes to tailoring packages for their business or event. Jamie-Leigh said: “The unique elements of a venue can help ensure an event is memorable and add an atmosphere that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. I believe it is this uniqueness that results in organisers rebooking”.

Providing the right set up is crucial for The Football Club, as Jamie-Leigh adds: “Venue tours aren’t something we build into every package: the pitch can be the focus if required, but if a conference setting is preferred, we can style the event so that you can’t tell you’re in a stadium at all.”

  1. Customer safety

Venue security and safety are non-negotiable aspects of the customer journey, ones that Blackpool’s venues take seriously, implementing modern security measures and highly trained staff to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees. Jamie-Leigh said: “As a stadium, we’re very much security-driven and within the last year, significant changes have been made to further enhance delegate and team safety. Communicating these improved standards and systems is key for us to ensure a smoother process, and to demonstrate how we’re adapting to the needs and requirements of our clientele.”