Tourism Alliance Update 20th July

Positive Impact Meeting on 6th September on Road to COP27 Event Sector Race to Zero Accelerator (click here to read the article) – Chris will be attending the meeting representing the BVEP, and if you have anything specific you would like Chris to share, please let him know by Sep 2nd ( Chris plans to reinforce the work of partners who are working with their members to drive the sustainability agenda, and everyone’s own road to net zero; and that BVEP is committed to share any initiative with its partners to help in their own endeavours – this includes the SME Accelerator Programme and other initiatives. Chris will feedback anything of note after the meeting.

CAMS Survey – See article on BVEP website ‘New research identifies the beginnings of recovery for the UK meetings market’ at

Music Events Research – See article and report on BVEP website ‘Opinium – LIVE Music Trade Body: Buying tickets Key Findings Report’ at