Tourism Alliance Update – 25th March

If you need anything in the meantime, can you contact either Amanda Fry or Kate Nicholls if it is urgent. Otherwise, I will get onto it when I get back.

  • VE Advisory Board Appointments

DCMS have announced that Allan Lambert and Fiona Pollard have been appointed to the VE Advisory Board

  • Live Event Reinsurance Scheme Survey

As you will know, in September 2021, the government launched the Live Events Reinsurance Scheme to support live events at risk of being halted or delayed due to an inability of organisers to obtain COVID-19 cancellation insurance. The scheme is now being reviewed to make sure it achieves its objectives to support live events following the impacts of COVID-19.

As such, DCMS is gathering views on the Scheme from the live events sector to help inform this review through an online survey. Could you therefore please distribute this link to the survey to live event organisers to make sure that their views are taken into account.
  • Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022

The Commercial Rent Act has received Royal Assent and come into effect. This provides a legally binding arbitration process to resolve certain outstanding commercial rent debts related to the pandemic. Commercial landlords and tenants encouraged to negotiate agreements using the Code of Practice but, if they cannot agree, the new binding arbitration system can be used as a last resort for eligible businesses. As a result of the Act coming into effect, the general moratorium on commercial evictions ends today.
  • Removal Of More Restrictions In Wales

The Welsh Government has announced that, from Monday, face coverings will no longer be required by law in retail settings and on public transport, though they will continue to be recommended in public health advice. Also, the requirement to self-isolate will also move into guidance while the £500 self-isolation payment to support people will continue to be available until June.

While the announcement brings the rules in Wales closer to those in England, one important difference for businesses is that in Wales they will still be required to undertake coronavirus risk assessment with reasonable measures put in place in light of those assessments. In England this is no longer a mandatory requirement – although it would be difficult for a business to undertake their required Health and Safety Assessment which out considering Covid.
  • R Number And Growth Rate

This week’s R number and growth rate are, respectively, 1.1 to 1.4 and +3% to +6% which is essentially the same as last week and highlights how fast coronavirus is spreading now that all rules have been removed.