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This week updates covers the following information:

ProtectUK workshops

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office workshops – The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) are hosting a range of short lunchtime briefings to detail and overview free protective security resources available to the public and businesses. This includes the ProtectUK Platform, the ProtectUK app and the eLearning called Workshop Wednesdays.

The workshops provide insight into the free tools, how organisations can utilise them and how they can help enhance the protective security measures in place across the UK.

The sessions do not require any prior protective security or counter terrorism training and are for all size of organisations.

Registration can be done through the Eventbrite link below.

Wednesday 28 June – Lead Government Departments and Partners-

Once they have finished we would like organisations to:

  • Visit ProtectUK and sign up to receive the latest news, guidance and upcoming events. Our ProtectUK Website and App is the online resource for free training, advice and guidance aimed at organisations and the public.
  • Attend a Workshop Wednesday to understand more about the ProtectUK Platform, Elearning and App– and understand how their use will benefit organisations and staff in Countering Terrorism and improving their protective security and preparedness. NaCTSO are running a specific Voluntary Sector Workshop on 24th May 2023. To register
  • Do our award winning onlineACT Awareness E-Learning, it takes 45 minutes and once completed they will have a better understanding of the current terrorist threat and learnt about the best practices to help counter terrorism and increased your security awareness

Get the ProtectUK App, it provides potentially life-saving advice and the steps to follow in the event of a terrorist attack.  It details what is required to help protect your staff, customers and members of the public, making sure organisations are adequately prepared for any eventuality

BE CROWDWISE campaign launch

Message from the GCMA Secretariat – Through  the Global Crowd Management Alliance® (GCMA), we are excited to share the news that we are launching an audience-facing multimedia campaign called “BE CROWDWISE”. 

The aim of the campaign is to reach out audiences across the world with some simple safety tips which will support safer events.

We would be very grateful if you could support the campaign by sharing it with your members and colleagues and by interacting with the social media posts when the campaign goes live.

Here is the link for the campaign assets- Be Crowdwise Campaign — Global Crowd Management Alliance (

The designs are available in A4 for print, as square statics for social media and as this video, which is voiced entirely by GCMA members from around the world!

All assets are completely free of charge. Quick links are:

Campaign Flier

Animated GIF


Social Media Slides (Zip)

The GCMA is a worldwide network of individuals and organisations committed to representing and advancing the crowd management and security services industry within the public and private sector.  The mission of GCMA is toEducate. Advocate. Motivate.

The United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) is a supporting partner of the GCMA.