Cutting-edge are UK market leaders of detailed online venue data, imagery and award-winning venue videos for the conference, meetings, accommodation and events industry.

Their proprietary GRATIS software and venue data provides solutions for event planning agencies, corporate meeting planners and individuals to search for venues, enquire, book, track, invoice, report and make commission claims. Its platform is of unique value to beam members by offering best business practices, advice on maximising the margin on their business and giving corporate clients a cutting-edge booking application.

Why are a beam supplier associate?

Clients and suppliers

Describing the benefits of beam partnership, Michael Begley, Managing Director for venue directory, says:

“For a business like ours, it is key to maintain our business profile. We have a unique business that has clients with different business profiles, these are the users of the data; the agents and our other clients are the venues, who supply the data. The beam gives us a platform to network and communicate with these clients and to hear what their drivers are in business as a collective voice.


Michael Begley concludes:

“We attend all the meetings we can and support the beam where we can, not just financially but also with data and information. We have always had a good relationship with all members of the beam, becoming a partner gives the relationship more weight.

The beam is a family that we are happy and proud to be a part of.”