Eco accreditations provide numerous business benefits, including improved reputation, competitive advantage, increased customer trust, cost savings, operational efficiencies, access to new markets, regulatory compliance, and enhanced employee engagement. By obtaining an eco-accreditation, your business demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and positions itself as a responsible and forward-thinking organisation.

The two most popular accreditations in the UK are Greengage ECOsmart and Green Tourism. 

ECOsmart by Greengage is entirely dedicated to the corporate meetings and accommodation sector (whereas others have leisure accommodation and meetings venues in the mix).  Greengage ECOsmart refer to themselves as an “Accreditation Plus” and highlight their points of difference as:

  • Simple and transparent accreditation pricing at £299 per venue (with no extra joining or admin fee)
  • MyECOsmart tool provides a simple online survey process plus an ongoing dynamic system with project and management information, plus the ability to move up an award category during the year as more sustainability measures are put in place.
  • Actively, helping ECOsmart members in their sustainability journey through account management and best practice sharing events and communication. Including an annual members conference.
  • Entry with images and sustainability highlights in the ECOsmart online directory
  • Helping members to get noticed through relationship activities (and API links)  with agencies, venue directories and corporates who are looking for sustainable venues – as well as extensive social media.
  • Carbon emissions measurement for venue and individual events.

The Green Meetings and Green Tourism Accreditation recognises the commitment of tourism businesses which are actively working to become more sustainable. The Bronze/Silver/Gold awards are acknowledged worldwide as an indicator of good environmentally friendly practice and are a great way of progressing on a green journey as well as acting as a hallmark of ‘green quality’, attracting custom from increasing numbers of eco-minded visitors.

The technical experts offer practical advice and lots of support – this means that saving energy and changing dated and unsustainable ways of doing things can be much more straightforward than you might think.

Details on fees can be found here but start from £150 and are tailored to your business size.

Fellow beam members that have been through Eco Smart and Green Tourism and are available for help and guidance are:

Warwick Conferences

Wyboston Lakes

BMA House