DEI Statement

  • As a ‘future fit’ association, we are creating an environment where diversity can flourish and help to continuously improve the industry from within.
  • Through ensuring our Terms of Ethics are understood and upheld by all members, we are an association where individuals can be who they wish to be while achieving their full potential and are supported by our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement:
” We are a diverse association which opposes discrimination, inequality, and injustice and we are proud to represent and promote equal opportunities and equality for all “
  • Our events, marketing and content will encompass and demonstrate diversity and inclusivity in all aspects, including our supply chain.
  • We recognise the importance of mental health and wellbeing, as well as supporting both hidden and visible disabilities in all aspects of the industry, making it a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable, respected and valued, ensuring that their contribution and skills are recognised.
  • We ask that members unite to achieve these objectives and ambitions through advocating and maintaining our Terms of Ethics and including the above DEI Statement.