Joanna Aunon




“Joanna began her career working in various operational roles in Hilton before moving into the Hilton European HR team. She then became a senior talent
management leader across multiple sectors in both global blue chip and private equity organisations.

Having always been a passionate advocate for inclusion and diversity, Joanna made the decision to embark on a career change and became a Director at
WiHTL and Diversity in Retail, supporting their founder in establishing and growing both collaboration communities that exist to support organisations to
create inclusive cultures where anyone can thrive and reach their full potential.





WiHTL and Diversity in Retail have a mission to positively impact 6 million people from across both the HTL and Retail sectors by 2025.
Joanna is also on the advisory board of a scholarship fund that helps hospitality students from disadvantaged backgrounds cover the cost of their equipment and
fees so they can pursue their chosen career. She has two young children and lives in London”.