The Circular Life – Green Leadership; Green Culture

The Circular Life

Beat the netzero overwhelm and lead with confidence

A new learning and development programme from The Circular Life. 

It is designed to equip people running sustainability strategies with the insight and tools to lead net zero ambitions with confidence, momentum and impact. 

If you are leading a strategy or programme and find yourself 

👉overwhelmed by the complexity of netzero events and business

👉losing confidence when reaching outside your sustainability echo chamber, or 

👉struggling to turn your colleagues into active participants in the journey 

Then this 8 week programme, starting 13 September can help you.

Green Leadership. Green Culture is an eight-week online experience beginning Wednesday, 13th September

Use the code BEAM10 for an extra 10% discount.

It has been curated from leading insights from neuroscience, behaviour change and understanding workplace culture, and uses coaching-inspired tools and techniques to explore and train your emotional and cognitive intelligence. 

It will help you to: 

🌱 Build awareness, confidence and adaptability in how you lead and implement your strategy. 

🌱 Access tools to help you better communicate netzero and influence others to collaborate.

🌱Learn techniques to help you leverage allies in the business and supply chain.

🌱Connect to a community of sustainability peers to learn, innovate and support each other on the journey – all of whom face similar struggles and challenges.

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