It has been three months since the launch of The Power of Events Platform back in February and so we will be producing a three-month review bulletin in time for the Spring Bank holiday.  Right now though we wanted to share our latest news which includes an update on the Industry Insight App, new projects in development and a warm welcome to the new supporters and partners who have recently joined the community.

With a fantastic response to the simple message of share, suggest and support, The Power of Events team have been reviewing all the great suggestions that have come in since the platform launch.    We are very grateful for broad range of new supporters and partners coming onboard recently. These include Top Banana, Serious Stages, Show Control International, Deckerdence, PKL, inVOYAGE, HIlton Metropole Birmingham, The Events Club, CHS Group, Oddity Events, GL Events UK, Festivall Services, Phoenix Events (East) Ltd, NCASS The Nationwide Catering Association, Local Authorities Events Organisers Group (LAEOG), Women in Lighting, Women in Live Music and #wemakeevents.   Industry Insight App 
The immediate focus is on the delivery of the Industry Insight App later this year.  The outline plan for the launch is very focused on the direct involvement of all of our University Research Partners, which meets a number of key objectives.  Firstly it creates immediate Four-Nation coverage which is always a hugely important component of our mission.  It also brings together academics and the event industry which allows us to build on the relationships many universities already have with event professionals in their respective regions. 

Finally, it directly involves the next generation of graduates that will be entering our industry in the next couple of years. We’ve discussed timing with the universities and it looks like the regular induction and student welcome sessions planned at the beginning of the academic year in September/October will provide the best engagement for the launch activity.  We are establishing an Action Group to help develop the launch plan – as ever, if you are interested and would like to be part of that group please let us know asap –   

The detailed wireframe for the Industry Insight App is currently being reviewed by the team and will then be shared with the Taskforce and Research Action Group so that the expert researchers supporting us can also sense check the information flow and navigation features. 

Careers Pathway Hub
Feedback from across the seven sectors means that two new projects have been suggested post launch and we are in the process of developing these and sharing the outline plans with the Taskforce.  The first of these is the design and delivery of a new Careers Pathway hub on the main platform.  Complementing the industry showcase, this section would be designed to show the depth and variety of roles on offer and skills required within the UK events industry, how best to navigate the different routes to enter the UK events industry and the organisations who can support these. We are already talking to leading experts in the field and there is a really positive response to the concept from a diverse range of supporters and partners. 

As usual with this initiative The Power of Events is acting as the facilitator, making critical connections and showcasing some great work that individual businesses and organisations have developed. We are establishing an Action Group to help develop The Careers Pathway Hub – as ever, if you are interested and would like to be part of that group please let us know asap –

Schools Engagement Programme
Based on feedback about ways to enter the UK events industry and the impact of Covid on numbers joining graduate, apprenticeship and mentoring programmes, a second longer-term project has also been given a lot of support – presenting The Power of Events to the 4210 secondary schools across the UK within the next five years to support better understanding and foster interest in a career in the UK events industry.  The Power of Events is connected with a diverse range of individual eventprofs, businesses, partners and support organisations that have been developing relationships with local schools and colleges.  The team headed up to Manchester recently to attend Prodction Futures On Tour (an outreach event for schools and colleges) at which they hosted a panel – and you will see more details about this and other events we’ve supported in our three month review bulletin. – as ever, if you are interested and would like to be part of the Action Group working on the Schools Engagement Programme, please let us know asap –     The Power of Events team will be engaging with The EIF Members Meeting, Conference News Leaders Lunch, Meeting Needs 20th Anniversary Event, Kartfest, The Events Club Launch Party and The Meetings Show in the next few months, so make sure you say hello if you see them. 

Are you hosting an industry event, whether it’s an industry awards ceremony, networking or a large-scale show and would like to shout about it on a nationally recognised industry calendar? Then submit your event today by clicking the graphic above or visiting

If you like to invite The Power of Events team to attend and take an active role in your events, get in touch today at   We need to sustain the relationships that have been forged and build on the quality content that we’ve gathered from partners and support organisations.  Spreading the word and amplifying messages remains critical – so a big thanks to all the community partners and organisations that are already featuring the Power of Events communications in their own membership and network bulletins.   If you have not yet started to do this please let us know what info/assets you need so that we can get you the right digital assets to support the on-going communications.   
Many of our partners and supporters have generously advocated for our mission and made countless introductions on our behalf which we are very grateful for. Some of these champions of the mission have asked for materials to support them in their introductions and pitches. The team have been working hard behind the scenes and we are pleased to share with you The Power of Events Deck which can be requested using the link below. the deck details the journey so far and where we plan to take the momentum in the future. to request the deck or find out more please use the link below.    The Power of Events Overview Deck   Finally our share, support, suggest message still stands – your collaboration and advocacy is a vital part of the mix that will sustain this mission and for that – A MASSIVE THANKS!

To those who are receiving this bulletin but not yet a supporter or partner and would like to join the community/discuss how to get involved, please contact The Power of Events at