Message from Anna Green, Broadsword

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the significance of event apprenticeships cannot be overstated. They offer a bridge between theory and practice and play a pivotal role in nurturing a pipeline of skilled professionals primed to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

As an industry, we are great at mentoring each other, not only within our businesses but across the wider spectrum. It is a two-way street; mentor and mentee mutually benefitting and learning from each other. The wisdom gained from years of hands-on experience is passed down, while fresh perspectives from emerging talents can reshape and invigorate the thinking within an organisation.

Think of apprenticeships in terms of mentorship

Both offer a personalised and tailored experience, considering the individual’s streng
ths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations, adapting guidance and instruction accordingly.

Learning is based on the experience and the industry-specific expertise of the mentor, who shares insights, guidance, support and feedback, and skills are gained by the menteeor apprentice through real-world application.

So why is the events industry perfect for apprenticeship programmes?

Events are inherently hands-on and provide a platform for aspiring professionals to learn by doing, gaining practical skills that aredirectly applicable to real-world scenarios. Successful events require seamless collaboration and apprenticeships offer an opportunity for individuals to learn the art of effective teamwork and communication in a high-pressure environment.

Events are platforms for creativity, with each occasiondemanding a unique solution and concept. As newcomers, apprentices encourage fresh perspectives and ideas fostering an environment where innovation isembraced.
Let us harness our experience of mentorship and champion thebenefits of apprenticeships and the role they will play in shaping the futureof the events industry.


Skills for Life campaign
Deadline: 21 August 2023

The Department for Education is looking for individuals and employers across England to feature in its new Skills for Life advertising campaign aimed at young people, adults, and employers.  

This is a really exciting opportunity to be part of a national campaign that aims to bring to life the transformative impact that skills and training can have in unleashing people’s potential.  

Participants must currently be pursuing a government education or training programme or have done so in the past (these include: apprenticeships, Higher Technical Qualifications, T Levels, Free Courses for Jobs, Skills Bootcamps and Multiply Numeracy courses).

Employers must currently provide these courses or programmes, or have done in the past.
 Register your interest
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If you know anyone who you think would be interested and would like to be considered, please could you ask them to send the details below to: 

Confirmation that they are happy for the Department for Education and our creative agency to contact them as part of the casting process. Confirmation that they will be available for a shoot in October (specific dates and location TBC) A few head shots  Contact email address and telephone number A 30 second video introducing themselves including: Name Age Region What they are studying / have studied / offer, e.g. T Level or Apprenticeship The sector they are working or studying in Whether they / their employer is happy for filming to take place on your/their premises  The deadline for applications is Monday 21 August and we will be in touch with shortlisted applicants throughout August and September.  

WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENTIt’s your industry, their future: Embracing Event Apprenticeships
Did you know hiring an apprentice is a valuable and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled, and qualified workforce?

Learn about Events Apprenticesships by joining us on Thursday 14 September  where we will talk you through the benefits and the process of employing apprentices.

Why should you attend?

Employing an apprentice is easier than you think, with financial support and help available from the government.
Our purpose is to promote the use and awareness of apprenticeships, whist working with the events industry to develop and evolve relevant qualifications.

Who should attend?Talent acquisition managers, senior directors, teamleads, training and development managers from across business events, corporates,charities, associations, institutions, festivals who have an in-house eventsteam, implants or agencies who work with organisations to manage events.

To find out more and book your place, click below
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What’s been happening?
Events Assistant – Level 3
IfATE have confirmed the development of a trailblazer group to review the existing Events Assistance Apprentice standards.

The first trailblazer meeting will kick-off in September.

We are looking for employers in the industry to contribute an hour or so per month to become part of the trailblazer group to help bring talent into our industry.

If you would like to be part of this group to represent the various sectors, please complete the Google Form via the button below.

Production Technician Apprenticeship –  Level 3Due to be ready for delivery in the Autumn, so watch this space! 

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Don’t forget, you can find details of event related apprenticeships on our website…
More information
We still need lots of support…Support us to encourage the next generation of talent to join our amazing industry… Companies that support us now will have their profile displayed on the Events Apprenticeships website and recognised as founding partners (or similar).

We were asked for some guidelines on what to give, but it’s totally up to you just please do support us support you! Individuals – £25.00Small Co’s (up to 15 people): £250Medium Co’s up to 60 people: £750Large Co’s (60 people and above): £2000

If you would like to support this great initiative, you can do so by pledging or donating via our Crowdfunding page >> Crowdfunder

If you prefer to donate via an invoice, please email us and we can arrange this for.For more information, drop us an email: