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When the Black Lives Matter movement resurged in 2020, we realised we needed to address the lack of diversity in our industry and be part of making change.

We heard from young people time and time again that they were struggling to get practical experience in corporate events that could help them gain experience and help them understand where their skills and passions lie.

As part of our work across the film and events industry – and whilst apprenticeships are quite common in the film sector – they are much less common in the events sector. Young people are crying out for experiences and opportunities like this. They want to learn. They want to expand their skill sets. They want to get an insight into the industry, and everything it has to offer, so we decided to focus on young people.

Event apprenticeships can provide a vital entry route, a chance for us to fill this industry with young talent from a diverse range of backgrounds, whose skills and perspectives will define this industry for the future. 

As an association representing the event industry it is vital that we support the Events Apprenticeship Scheme and EVCOM are 100% behind the ongoing work being carried out to achieve this.

We have created a dedicated area on our website for young people full of resources to support them and inform them, we have set up a shadow board and an EVCOM membership for young people, and we provide multiple shadowing and mentorship opportunities through educational partnerships and award schemes.

We would urge all our members (and non-members!) to look into how they can support the scheme and the next generation enter the industry via this channel.

Join us on the 14 September for a top level intro in event apprenticeships and to hear from industry peers, more information further down.


Apprenticeships Levy 2.0

The UK urgently needs to upskill its workforce to tackle the skills mismatch and meet the demands of the economy.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is proposing an approach that can deliver a system to address more skills mismatches without compromising the rigour and quality essential to economic growth, national productivity, and return on investment for for all.

Read the full report…

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How do I choose an apprenticeship, and is the pay good?

The BBC recently reported on the benefits of apprenticeships.

A positve step forward and one of the many reasons for the events industry to get behind them.

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Creating career pathways – from entry level to degrees

An apprenticeship programme requires needs three things:
An employer looking to create a role within the industry
a learner looking to learn and develop their career
a training provider who will deliver the training.

As a first step, we have listed some of the top event related apprenticeships and describe some of the different apprenticeship levels.

Take a look…

More information

From volunteer to creative producer

Creative producer of immersive environments, Kirsty Barlow, is a well loved member of the Wild Rumpus team.

Arriving as a volunteer at the ‘Just So festival’ back in 2016, she returned year on year and quickly became part of their staff team in capacity as a maker.

She has now moved into a new role as creative producer.

Read the full interview…

Photo by Wild Rumpus
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Join our webinar…

Discover how apprenticeships play a key part in developing and upskilling the workforce and how they build businesses back stronger

Join us on Thursday 14 September at 10:00 am where we will talk you through the benefits and the process of employing apprentices.

Why should you attend?

Employing an apprentice is easier than you think, with financial support and help available from the government.

To find out more and book your place, click below.

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Improving participation and diversity in apprenticeships

Westminster Employment Forum invites you to join them.

This conference will bring out latest thinking on the way forward for improving participation and diversity in apprenticeships in England.
Further details of this conference can be found by clicking the button below.

More information

Do you want to be involved?

Events Apprenticeships are proud to have a growing community of supporters and partners across the events industry, to help us develop and promote event apprenticeships, to enable people from all backgrounds and ages to gain experience and relevant professional qualification.

To join these leading organisations and support our initiative, get in touch…

Support us

We still need lots of support…
Companies that support us now will have their profile displayed on the Events Apprenticeships website and recognised as founding partners (or similar).
We were asked for some guidelines on what to give, but it’s totally up to you just please do support us support you! Individuals – £25.00
Small Co’s (up to 15 people): £250
Medium Co’s up to 60 people: £750
Large Co’s (60 people and above): £2000

If you would like to support this great initiative, you can do so by pledging or donating via our Crowdfunding page >> Crowdfunder

If you prefer to donate via an invoice, please email us and we can arrange this for.
For more information, drop us an email:

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