Announcing the launch of the 2023 Annual Event Industry Salary Survey


Produced by You Search & Select, in association with Cvent, DRPG and You Exclusive, supported by the MIA

You Search & Select has today announced the launch of the 2023 Annual Event Industry Salary Survey.

The 2023 survey will build on the data collected in the 2022 survey to show how the industry, its employers and employee needs have evolved in the last year. The survey collects crucial data to give the whole industry valuable insight into salary expectations, benefits, ways of working and work life balance. It also assesses how important mental health programmes and other factors are to job seekers.

Robert Kenward, Fitability® Recruiter at You Search & Select and instigator of the survey said: “The inaugural 2022 survey was a huge undertaking but gave us all credible data on salaries, working patterns and how the industry is faring. This year, we’ve added a few new questions and tweaked some too to reflect the changing environment, but we will be able to compare data across the two years to reveal trends, growth areas and how the needs of the industry are evolving. The survey data is crucial to the progression and development of our industry and I urge everyone to get involved, to encourage your teams, colleagues, suppliers, and industry friends to complete it for the benefit of all.” 

“Cvent sees the importance of supporting different event industry salary surveys – from a recruitment perspective through to established roles within organisations, everyone is important,” said Felicia Asiedu, Senior Marketing Manager Europe, Cvent. “This survey serves as a pivotal tool in providing valuable insights into salary expectations, benefits and the importance of wellbeing for job seekers within our industry. The survey’s data is key to help foster sustainable growth and establish industry benchmarks. It empowers employers to make informed decisions about competitive salaries and conducive working arrangements, thereby enabling them to attract and retain the best talent. Additionally, the data from the survey can be utilised to bridge disparities in diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) as well as aligning employer offerings with candidate aspirations. I encourage active participation from all stakeholders to respond to the survey, as the results will continue to provide a comprehensive understanding of employment in the events sector, ultimately paving the way for a stronger future.”

Dale Parmenter, CEO, DRPG said: “While the results from the previous survey were a significant milestone, I am eagerly anticipating the data we gather this year and encourage as many to get involved as possible. It will enable us to identify more precise patterns, discrepancies, and areas that necessitate further discussion as a collective. Having more data to accurately depict the current state of the careers will be instrumental in building a stronger and more resilient industry for the future.”

Kerrin MacPhie, chief executive of the Meetings Industry Association said: “The business meetings and events industry is experiencing both staffing challenges and skills shortages. It’s a key challenge that we’ve been tracking in our own quarterly mia Insights report as well as supporting with our education programme and our newly launched Student Membership. Business meetings and events offers a diverse range of opportunities and needs to be positioned as a career of choice. This deep dive into salaries is an important data gathering exercise as it will aid further understanding of current employee expectations, benefits and wellbeing across the industry. It will highlight issues and opportunities that can be actioned to ensure we are positioned as an attractive industry of choice.”

Will Grashoff, Managing Director, You Exclusive said: “I’m incredibly excited to see the results of the salary survey this year. Working at the coal face of recruitment we have seen a huge swing back to base salaries being the biggest driver for moving roles. In the last couple of years we had job security and then hybrid work setup being the primary drivers, but since the cost of living increases we have seen a jump back to needing to achieve certain salary triggers in order to move. I do expect to see average salaries across the board to have increased”.

The survey comprises of 28 easy to complete multiple choice questions and takes 12 minutes to complete. It can be found at You Search & Select


The closing date to complete the survey is Friday 1st September. The findings will be published in November and will be available to download as a white paper.