CHS Birmingham Continues Investment in Hosted Buyer Experience

4th September 23, Birmingham: CHS Birmingham is promising a bigger, more luxurious, and exciting experience for its hosted buyers and VIPs this year, as the organisers have once again increased investment in its visitor experience. Previously, the show has seen rises of between a third and double hosted buyer attendance, as the industry continues to rebound and look to use its trade shows to find the best services and suppliers in the industry.

Now, through a series of partnerships with hotels, travel suppliers and the local business events community, as well as investments in the hosting teams at CHS Birmingham, the team are looking to take things to the next level. As well as access to over 200 exhibitors at the show, visitors will benefit from the much talked about Welcome Reception, the night before the event, and the comprehensive educational sessions during the event.

CHS has grown a strong reputation for having one of the most welcoming VIP programmes in the industry, prioritising guest wellbeing and encouraging enjoyable business. This year will be no different, with the show promising goodies galore, a positive business experience and a mix of educations and inspiration.

“We always get great feedback from our hosted buyers, and we really believe in investing in their experience from the moment they set off to our show to when they leave it,” comments Emma Cartmell, Founder & CEO CHS Birmingham. “We believe that if they arrive at our show refreshed, inspired and a little bit pampered, it will only make for better business with our awesome exhibitors.”

CHS are expecting yet another significant rise in its Hosted Buyer and VIP attendance following growth at CHS Leeds earlier in the year. “We know that if we give them the best time, they’ll return. For us, it’s all part of setting the right tone at the event, positive, playful, excited and excitable; it’s who we are and why we’re so proud of what we do,” concludes Emma.