CHS’s ‘Love Life Live Well’ Podcast Hits 60K


25th July 2023, International: The Love Life Live Well Podcast, created and hosted by Emma Cartmell, Founder and CEO of CHS Events, will see its season two drop this week with the podcast surpassing 60,000 downloads since its launch earlier this year.

Season one gained critical acclaim from launch as Emma introduced the ‘lifestyle magazine for your ears’ in Podcast form. Since then, the programme, which interviews experts from across academe, business, personal development, wellness and self-care communities, has grown both outside of the events community and globally across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the US. The 60,000 figure is extraordinary, putting it in the top 1% of all podcasts world-wide.

“The Podcast started as a passion product, but also one that we really wanted to work for our partners within the CHS community,” commented Emma. “So many of the businesses we work with have lifestyle products, from restaurants and spas to leisure breaks, golf and attractions. Growing a consumer audience both in the UK and internationally gives them more options to grow their businesses with us.”

Speaking on the success of the podcast, Emma added, “We had that initial concept ‘A lifestyle magazine for your ears’ and we were fortunate enough to find interviewees that could bring it to life. We’ve had speakers discuss everything from grief to journaling, from habit stacking to digital decluttering, leadership to aromatherapy. They’ve all resonated with the audience who have become our advocates, shared, endorsed, and spread the word to a really humbling amount of people.”

Guests at CHS Leeds earlier this year will also have seen a special mini-series created at the show, where Emma interviewed a number of guests at the event. This series reached over 18,500 downloads in its own right, and again reaching audiences around the world. CHS Birmingham will also see the return of Love Life Live Well, live on the show floor and the release of a second mini-series at the back end of the year.

Series Two drops this week and see’s Emma interview experts covering subjects from the menopause in the workplace, to imposter syndrome, money matters to ordering wine from a sommelier, all mixed in with inspiring life stories from some truly special guests.