CYE Group to Partner with Venue View

1st February 2023, UK: CYE Group, the specialist event services business, has partnered with Venue View to offer venues within its listings access an enhanced package that will include the sought after Matterport digital twin 3D virtual tours.

Venue View’s digital tours have proved an incredible success for both organisers and venues, allowing a deeper understanding and experience into the venues they wish to consider for events. Although not replacing a physical tour, the virtual tour and ‘dollhouse’ system allows for less recce visits before narrowing to a short list. Meaning event organisers save time, while venues can ensure they are sharing the very best detail of their venues, including walkways, access points, and different room set ups.

The system also allows addons such as menu information, AV specs, measurement tools, accessibility provisions and service entrances and exits. Short of being on site, it is easily the best way to get to know a venue. Now, with the partnership in place, CYE Group is promoting the tours at no extra costs to members, allowing it to become one of the most comprehensive places for event organisers to find venues and make informed decisions.

Commenting on the partnership, Ben Gray, CYE Group, commented, “Venue View share our beliefs of providing a superior product offering and first-class customer service. Their system is second to none, it helps our event organising customers while adding more value to the many venues we have on our listings pages.”

Keith McMahon, Venue View, added: “Our business is all about saving time for event organisers while giving them the maximum amount of information they need to make the best choices for their venues. Working with CYE Group gives us incredible reach and we hope we can continue to support new and existing customers on their portal.”