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Hello The Power Of Events,

This is really just the start of The Power of Events journey.  We are actively sustaining the relationships that have been forged and built on the quality content that we’ve gathered from partners and support organisations.  Spreading the word and amplifying messages remains critical – so a big thanks to all the community partners and organisations that are already featuring the Power of Events communications in their own membership and network bulletins. If you would like us to resend you your supporter/partner badge get in touch today.

If you have not yet started to do this please let us know what info/assets you need so that we can get you the right digital assets to support the on-going comms. We’ve also been asked for an overview deck presentation across a few slides so that will be coming over next week to everyone.   Rick also confirmed at the launch event that the insight web app will be delivered later this year to support the industry and academic partners to gather data for research work projects – the Research Action Group will soon start to discuss and define the required specific projects.
The amazing response to the launch of the new platform for the UK events industry has not detracted from the work in hand to build on that success.

First up the Industry Insight App, The Power of Events new research app in collaboration with UK academia and the UK events industry. The developers are working hard on the front and back ends and are getting close to naming a date to begin testing of the new app. The Research Action Group convened to push forward the development of both insights and data collection from the app launch programme.  Watch this space for more updates on the Industry Insight App! Our engagement with the 10 University Research partners has also fed into our forward planning, with forthcoming exams and finals suggesting we might now be visiting them in the Autumn as they all assemble for the new academic year. This cross Four Nations roadshow will be an opportunity to not only engage with the next generation of event professionals but also an open invite for our partners and supporters from across the UK to join us at each regional event to network and engage with the new app. Details to follow. 

Finally, the next Taskforce meeting will see some new contributors drawn from the many who offered help to ensure representation across all 7 core sectors. Thank you to them and all the original members that are still giving of their time, expertise and experience for the benefit of all of us working in the world-class UK events industry.

Careers Development Hub
The Power of Events is actively listening to the industries feedback and developing new branches of our work to best support you. Off the back of our launch in February we had a number of supporters ask us how we we could support career opportunities in the industry. From this feedback we have begun developing a careers development hub which will offer a range of resources from a directory of short courses, links to industry events, mentorship programs and a glossary. We are working on this hub with key partners in the recruitment and upskilling space to ensure we provide the best quality information and resources. If you’d like to support please let us know.

School Engagement Program
We also listened to our community when they told us their passion for events started when they were young and with this knowledge we are developing an outreach program aimed at secondary schools to inspire and showcase the value of a career in the UK events industry. We hope by introducing the cross sector and Four Nations scope of the UK events industry, we can foster a well-informed mindset in the next generation. These students could be the event profs of the future and we hope by introducing them to the key industry communities, they will be primed and ready to join our industry when their time comes. 
The support of both the Taskforce and the Action Groups has been a fundamental feature of keeping everyone on track in this journey.  Planning ahead we are looking at evolving content on the platform, launching the web app in a few months time with a UK tour and developing our research programme.  Meetings have moved to a monthly basis, so it’s a commitment to 12 hours a year of Zoom meetings and some adhoc discussions and project planning as/if necessary.  We are also excited to share we have a number of new supporters/partners that have joined The Power of Events  Taskforce – we’ll keep you posted on how things work out in terms of support and representation.  Our aim as ever is to use the fantastic collaboration that has carried us this far to support the next stage of development. Meanwhile on the Action Groups front we will be focussing on the Web App, Research, Next Gen/Fastrack groups.  These are being given priority to match the feedback for us to focus on post launch.  One of the areas we’ll be looking for advice and insight on will be developing a new section on the platform focussing on careers information for both new entrants and experienced eventprofs.  Please do get in touch if you’d like to contribute to any of the Action groups as they’ll be starting again in April. Finally our share, support, suggest message still stands – your collaboration and advocacy is a vital part of the mix that will sustain this mission and for that – A MASSIVE THANKS!

All existing Partners and Supporters are invited to provide the assets and information The Power Of Events needs to create their presence on the platform. It is vital you provide this content to us so we can showcase your fantastic work on The Power of Events platform and show the broad scope of the UK events industry. 

The form take less than ten minutes to complete and if you hit any issues our engagement manager Sophie is on hand to help.

In your registration form you will also be asked to share with us any industry events your organisation runs that you would like to share with The Power Of Events community, as well as any research you have undertaken/commissioned to be showcased in The Power Of Events research library.

Please register your info by clicking on the below link.  
Thank you for taking the time to engage with The Power of Events. Our work is not possible without your advocacy and efforts to support, share and suggest.

Sunny regards,

Rick, Simon and Sophie
The Power of Events team