Is wasted food eating into your profits ?

On average 18% of the food purchased by the UK Hospitality and Food Sector is being thrown away – and for every gram of food that ends up in the bin there is an environmental cost. We look at solutions highly relevant to the meetings and events sector. Agenda  Kat EmmettAssociate at Greengage and sustainability Consultant specialising in hospitality  Kat has over twenty years of experience in operations, project and estate management, compliance management and sustainability in both independent and branded restaurants of all shapes and sizes. Kat specialises in energy reduction, waste management, packaging and behavioural change.  Most recently she worked for Bill’s, with 82 restaurants and over 3000 team members, bringing in measures which achieved over £50,000 of efficiency savings each year in waste management alone as well as saving 12% on their energy and gas usage in a year, almost entirely through behavioural change. Kat will discuss some easy wins and items to consider.   Eleanor Morris Special Advisor Hospitality and Food Service at WRAP Eleanor will encourage delegates to unite in the fight against food waste, for our bottom lines and for the good of our planet by introducing Guardians of Grub and all the free resources and training they can provide for the hospitality and events industry.   If you are a venue why not complete this 15 minute course before the webinar –  Help your business, the environment and the community by using our Guardians of Grub Cost Saving Calculator to find out how much money you could save. Cost Saving Skills Course • Guardians of Grub   Marta Padrón Ceballos – Deputy General Manager at The Bloomsbury (Doyle Collection) The Bloomsbury have recently completed the Guardians of Grub training. Marta will share her insights and how they manage food waste and The Bloomsbury.
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