Roadshows Driving Early 2024 Meetings & Events Performance


Lime Venue Portfolio is predicting the continuation of steady and consistent growth in quarter one of 2024, following analysis from across its 80+ portfolio. The data not only shows that the industry continues to grow from a strong performance in 2023, but also shows a number of ‘event types’ driving this growth, most notably ‘Roadshows’.

The research, which is taken from sales data across the Lime Venue portfolio, has shown Roadshows double over quarter one to over 16% of total enquiries. More predictably, conferences also dominate the first quarter of the year, with many businesses setting out visions, and motivating employees, for the year ahead.

In the meantime, and to the delight of many event organisers, there are signs that lead times are getting longer. This is positive news for planners, taking the pressure off many in the industry and representing further signs of stability, as well as growth.

Lime Venue Portfolio put the growth in Roadshow meetings down to a trend the brand identified in its recent Meeting of the Future research, which links the fragmentation of workforces to the need for meeting and events to de-centralise traditional formats and go out and reach audiences through multiple events in different locations.

The trend also speaks to wider habit of organisers looking to add ‘locality’ into their events and choosing venues with a natural affinity to the area.

“First and foremost, it’s absolutely brilliant to be reporting positive numbers coming back across our business,” commented Jo Austin, Sales Director, Lime Venue Portfolio. “2023 was a brilliant year for many, and there was nervousness that 2024 would run dry, this data shows that for Q1 and into Q2 growth is continuing.”

“We’re also particularly buoyed by the performance of roadshows and conferences across our group,” continues Jo. “These are excellent events with high returns on engagement from audiences because they both exploit the locality of the event and add to the convenience for the delegate. If that isn’t enough, our customers will be delighted to see that lead times have lengthened slightly. This is also really important, it effects quality and return on investment, but also the wellbeing of the people the run the events. This is really positive data and long may it continue.”