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H1 M&E results/analysis.

H1 Sentiment tracker analysis.  

It’s H1 results week, and patterns are (re)emerging. Positive repeat patterns that could mean good news for the latter part of the year, i.e., September onwards.  

And Christmas certainly looks like it’s coming back. Maybe not in the same way/volume everyone was used to pre-pandemic (yet), but better than 2022, which has to be good news for everyone. Christmas used to be a bumper time of the year, so its return is a welcome fillip for the whole industry.  

The bigger picture……

Readers of this email/blog will broadly fall into two categories:

Sales leaders

Business leaders

Sales leaders are responsible for hitting the revenue targets set by the Business leaders, and Business leaders need to know and understand the bigger picture. They also have the unenviable task of forecasting/budgeting in today’s volatile market. It’s a tough gig, and financial/investment headwinds make this even more challenging.  

If the business leaders can enlist the help of the sales leaders who, in turn, are using benchmarking and keeping an eye on the numbers, everyone wins.

The answers, after all, lie in the data, so if both sales leaders and business leaders sing from the same hymn sheet (use the same data), a beautiful harmony will result.  

In our monthly M&E analysis webinar, we’ll look at H1 results from VPs’ benchmarking data. We’ll also be joined by BVA/BDRC, who will present their H1 sentiment survey results. These two data sets will paint a picture of demand and satisfaction levels.  

Looking forward to seeing those of you who’ve registered to join us at 12 noon today, or if you’re reading this before then, you can register HERE.  

And for those business leaders who want (need) to have a broader understanding of the (much) more comprehensive macro climate that is perhaps putting strains on senior management/board and cascading down to the commercial teams, then this article (another H1 piece) from the insightful folk at Questex goes some way to explaining the macro picture and the pressures/stresses at senior level.   

If the business you’re in needs to refinance now/soon, then it’s no wonder temperatures are rising. By way of an example, only last week, a commercial (business) leader was pulled away from an important M&E strategy day because he was needed for bank discussions. The macro picture has ripples.