Strong Prospects for 2024 at Wyboston Lakes Resort after Record-Breaking Revenue in 2023.(Posted 12 Feb 2024)


Wyboston Lakes Resort is eagerly anticipating a strong year ahead after a successful 2023, marked by outstanding revenue growth and strategic achievements.

The company beat all previous years’ figures, achieving significant turnover revenue of £20.9 million. Gross margin and net profit also showed positive growth, showcasing the company’s financial strength.

The highlights of the year were record-breaking revenue in both September and November 2023, followed by results surpassing expectations in December. These contributed to an overall robust performance throughout the year. The Resort also achieved key new milestones in business development and sales revenue in 2023. Contracted positions exceeded expectations, reflecting growth over previous years and outperforming set budgets.

Richard Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at Wyboston Lakes Resort says, “Despite a dynamic economic landscape with inflationary pressures, the company demonstrated resilience through proactive sales strategies and cost management. Together with effective strategic planning that helped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, we achieved outstanding results.”

Outlook for 2024

Looking ahead Richard Smith is optimistic about the future, “The company has already secured substantial contracts for 2024, positioning itself for continued success in the coming year. Prospects are exciting.”

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