Tourism Alliance Update – 15th March

  • Local Council Distribution of Funds

BEIS has updated the local authority reported payments to 27 February 2022 for the following Grants:

  • Additional Restrictions Grant
  • Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant

As ever, there are some councils that have done well in forwarding the funding to businesses while there are others that still have significant levels of unallocated funding. On the ARG funding, some examples of councils that have still not passed their funding allocations to local businesses include:

  • Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames still has £1.4m in unallocated funds
  • Oxford still has £900,000
  • Cotswold still has £550,000
  • Southend still has £3.5m
  • York still has£1.3m
  • Dorset still has £700k

This funding has to be allocated by councils before the end of the financial year or returned to Government so it is important for tourism businesses to approach their council as soon as possible to make sure that all the funding for their areas is appropriately distributed.
  • Cruise Ship Travel Guidance

The Government’s guidance for the cruise industry has been updated to reflect the removal of travel restrictions from 18th March 2022.
  • Routes Of Entry for Creative Professionals

DCMS and the Home office have updated the guidance on the various routes of entry available for or entertainers and musicians, from non-visa national countries, such as EU Member States and the US, visiting the UK for performance and work. This will be of particular interest to  organisations and DMOS that are planning events over the summer.