Wyboston Lakes Resort expands sustainability initiatives with more EV charger points and electric tractor


Wyboston Lakes Resort has continued with its plans to be more sustainable by adding six electric vehicle (EV) charging points, bringing the total to 30.

There are now 20 EON chargers available 24/7, generating 11kw of energy, at the resort’s Waterfront Hotel, two event venues, and Knowledge Centre. Also at the hotel, there are 10 Tesla Superchargers for Tesla car drivers, who can charge their cars for 172 miles in 15 minutes.

As part of a major plan to phase out diesel vehicles and machinery, the business has also invested in both a fully electric tractor to cut the golf course fairways and an electric hand mower.

Steve Jones, Managing Director of Wyboston Lakes Resort, said: “We hope to move away from diesel completely at the renewal stage over 10 years. The electric tractor was 30% more expensive than diesel but the model fits with our sustainability initiatives and should be cost-effective over the long term, given the running and servicing costs. We already have the electric hand mower, which is proving really beneficial given how quiet it is, so we can now mow without disturbing events or those in offices on our site.

“The addition of more EV chargers is a great step forward in encouraging more EV drivers in the future. The best thing about charging with us is that it’s all renewable so our customers can be super green.”

Wyboston Lakes Resort is an industry pioneer in sustainability. The business recently won the Sustainability Award in the Meetings Industry Association’s miaList and its Director of Marketing, Louisa Watson, was recognised by experts Greengage as Sustainability Industry Champion earlier this year.

This follows three stand-out accreditations for sustainability: Platinum EcoSmart status by Greengage; Gold Status in the International Association of Conference Centres’ Green Star certification programme; and Gold Status in the Green Tourism Awards.