Wyboston Lakes Resort’s Director of People Honoured as Advocate of the Year by Women in Hospitality, Travel, and Leisure (WiHTL)


Katherine White, Director of People at Wyboston Lakes Resort, has been awarded the prestigious Advocate of the Year accolade by Women in Hospitality, Travel, and Leisure (WiHTL).

This recognition celebrates Katherine’s unwavering commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, underlining the profound impact that individuals can make in organisations of all sizes as well as advancing these values in the wider community.

WiHTL’s Advocate of the Year award is a tribute to those who passionately champion diversity and equity in the workplace and beyond.

Tea Colaianni, WiHTL Founder & Chair said, “Katherine personifies this dedication through her tireless efforts, consistently demonstrating that smaller organisations, as well as larger ones, have a pivotal role to play in driving positive change.

“Her advocacy for equity and inclusion extends far beyond the workplace, showcasing her commitment to the broader community and her willingness to collaborate with others in the industry.”

Katherine said, “I am completely overwhelmed. It’s an honour that I never anticipated, especially among the exceptional individuals I have the privilege of working with across WiHTL. I am truly committed to working together with other businesses in championing change in DEI, just as we have done with the environment and wellbeing.”

Steve Jones, Managing Director for Wyboston Lakes, shared his thoughts on Katherine’s exceptional recognition: “We are immensely proud of Katherine’s well-deserved award, as the Advocate of the Year by WiHTL. Her leadership and relentless commitment to these values have helped shape our organisation’s culture and broader community efforts and this award is a testament to her remarkable work and the positive impact she has made.”

For more information, please visit https://www.wybostonlakes.co.uk/