voices from our community.

voices from our community.

Member Testimonials

Some insights from our involved members.

Some words from a few involved members.

Danny Yates, Clermont Hotel Group

“An association that brings together the best people in our industry to discuss and work through topics relevant to both venue and agency members. Always moving forward beam offers an excellent opportunity to build new relationships and cement existing ones in an informative and fun environment.”

Alyson Bateman, Park Regis Birmingham

“Being a member of beam offers numerous benefits, from networking opportunities and building relationships with industry peers to engaging with a supportive community of like-minded professionals. Additionally, the professional development provided through various training and events throughout the year allows you to learn from industry leaders, enhance your skills, and stay updated with the latest trends and best practices.”

Michael Matthews, Hilton Bournemouth

“I love being a member of beam as it allows you to interact, engage and participate in fantastic events and get to meet agents you wouldn’t normally see on a weekly or monthly basis. It is also made up of a board that is warm, kind, friendly and extremely helpful when trying to navigate the world of the hospitality industry.”

Nick Scott, arrangeMY

“arrangeMY are proud to be a founding member of beam and are delighted to see the organisation flourish and grow. The benefits of beam are wide ranging from valuable industry networking and fun events, to topical advice and support on key business issues. beam offers great value and is truly valued by our business.”

Jacqui Kavanagh, Past Chair

“Being an active part of our industry allows us all to grow and get a wider perspective , build relationships and a support structure, supporting initiatives to further professionalise our industry and to achieve progress that we would never be able to achieve on our own. This is what being part of beam brings to me – reaching beyond our boundaries and freely discussing the future challenges our industry is facing as we navigate our new path.”

Joanne Wilson, AC Bookings

“Joining beam in 2014 after attending one of their networking sessions was a great decision. We faced an issue with an international venue, and beam’s extensive contacts in Europe came through for us. They helped us secure the best possible rates and commissions for our clients when booking via ACE. We look forward to attending more beam events in the future.”

Billy Harris, Edgbaston Park Hotel & Conference Centre

“I am immensely proud of our partnership with beam. Our association with beam reflects our solid commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation within the hospitality industry. The membership allows us to collaborate with industry leaders, share best practices, and stay at the forefront of hospitality trends; reinforcing our dedication to providing exceptional experiences for our guests and booking agencies whilst supporting the growth and development of our team.”

Molly Tomlin, Rutland Hall Hotel & Spa

“Whether it’s through networking opportunities, insightful discussions, or valuable resources, beam provides opportunities to benefit our venue and the individuals within it.
The mentorship and guidance that is available has been particularly impactful, helping me to build confidence and develop my skills. I am immensely grateful for the incredible community that beam has created, and I look forward to continuing the journey with such an amazing group of professionals.”

Michael Gourlay, Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

“As a member, the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel benefits from beam‘s resources, ensuring that our staff are well-trained and up-to-date with industry best practices. With beam‘s ethical business practices in alignment with the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel’s, having our membership ensures that the hotel operates under a code of conduct respected across the industry.”

Emily Falconer, Red Bull Racing

beam has been a wonderful way for me to be involved in the industry and learn and understand what other venues/suppliers are experiencing. The events and support you receive are second to none.”

Douglas O’Neill, Inntel

“The association’s commitment to professionalism, ethical standards, and continuous learning aligns with our values and has helped us enhance our service offerings and exceed customer expectations. The support and resources provided by beam have been invaluable in navigating the challenges of the industry and supporting our business growth. The networking opportunities provided by beam have helped us connect with industry peers, share best practices, and stay updated on the latest trends in the events and hospitality sector.”

Richard Bull, Woburn House Conference Centre

“As an independent venue, it’s easy to feel disconnected from what is happening in the sector, market trends and building those all-important relationships with agencies. beam is a great way to feel connected as well as providing access to events and networking opportunities.”

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