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Following the success of our inaugural Finance Forum last year, we were delighted to bring this event back, bigger and better on Thursday 23rd May at Village Hotels Coventry.

Following the success of our inaugural Finance Forum last year, we were delighted to bring this event back, bigger and better on Thursday 23rd May at Village Hotels Coventry.   

And what an event it was, with an agenda carefully put together from our Finance Advisory Board (FAB) Team:

  • Julie Shorrock – Hotel and Travel Solutions Ltd (HTS)
  • Shaun Cole – Village Hotels
  • Amanda Riley – Conference Care
  • Gareth Warnock – De Vere
  • Jessica Hobday – vbx
  • Jonathan Read – Leonardo Hotels UK & Ireland
  • Gavin Poole – arrangeMY

This event has been so well received as it provided a fantastic opportunity for finance experts to come together and understand the challenges we face across the industry, and how we can work together to overcome them.

Here’s a quick recap from a beam Finance Forum…

Clive Cornelius from Visa discussed different solutions to make travel payments safe, easy, and convenient and how virtual cards are set for growth and identified greater importance on fraud protection and prevention.

Our first panel of the day welcomed moderator Andrew Clarke (The BTA) – who was joined by Clive Cornelius, David Baker (AirPlus International) and Ross Bloomberg (Conferma) – for a lively discussion on different payment solutions.

David Bennett, tax specialist, shared insight into the distinction between trading as a principal or as an agent and why it matters. Looked at the Tour Operators’ Margin Scheme: what is it and its implications and hotel billback concession.

Aneesh Gupta from Centelli looked at how we should be building the workforce of the future.

After lunch Shaun and Amanda discussed the Payment Toolkits that are available for beam Members and introduced our next panel, a mix of agents, Louise Goalen (Top Banana), Roeleen Johnson (HTS), hotel representatives Tracey Norcup (Valor Hospitality Partners), Steve Jones (Wyboston Lakes Resort), and tax specialist, David Bennett, for another lively discussion from across the floor.

Terry Corby from Good Business Pays CIC led the next session on why ‘culture’ is the ‘soft’ issue at the heart of the UK’s late payments problem and how Good Business Pays uses insights to drive change.

Terry was then joined on stage by Clive Wratten to share insight into a collaborative whitepaper they had produced on Tackling Payment Culture.

Martin James from Allianz Trade discussed the need for insurance, and whether we should be insuring agents or clients.

Finally, keynote speaker Kathrin Cockhill from HotStats took to the stage to share the latest Q1 stats.

Thank you again to our guest speakers, panellists, and of course our members for your input and collaboration in making the Finance Forum the success it was and to our moderator, Hamish Reid for keeping us all on track throughout the day.

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Clive Cornelius

Clive Cornelius

Andrew Clarke

David Baker
AirPlus International

Ross Bloomberg

David Bennett

David Bennett
Tax Specialist

Annesh Gupta

Aneesh Gupta

Terry Corby
Good Business Pays

Clive Wratten

Martin James
Alianz Trade

Kathrin Cockhill

Kathrin Cockhill

Louise Goalen

Louise Golan
Top Banana

Steve Jones

Steve Jones
Wyboston Lakes

Tracy Norcup

Tracy Norcup
Valor Hospitality

Roeleen Johnson

Roeleen Johnson

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